THUG CLUB arrives from South Korea to conquer all lovers of high-end urban style with the Fall/Winter 23 collection they have just unveiled and with which they have already conquered us, because yes, the brand’s team has managed to make us forget for a second about the high temperatures and we want to have part of the garments that make up the wardrobe they present.

Offering a new point of view, more subversive, of what many imagine as street style, from what has been seen in the images that make up the lookbook, the South Koreans understand it in a medieval way, as the line has this historical period as its main theme. This inspiration is reflected in the hooded sweatshirts with zips that cover the entire top, from the waist to the head, the leather jackets with a balloon cut, the waistcoats, the jumpers, and the vintage-style trousers.

Details are something to which the company’s team pays special attention, and this makes the pieces instantly recognisable and above all makes them look as if they were taken directly from the era in which they were inspired. This is thanks to the studs that appear on the clothes or the nods on the jeans that are reminiscent of the metal armour of the knights. The balaclava-like accessories reconfirm the latter.

THUG CLUB is breaking all kinds of barriers in the industry and is growing rapidly, achieving everything from collaborations with cult brands like Gentle Monster to the opening of its flagship store. If you’ve been drawn to this brand as much as we have and want to get your hands on something from the line, head over to its website.

Check out the Fall/Winter 23 collection below: