Maison the Faux is taking you to the future. In the past, the nomadic Dutch label has taken us to the glittering underbelly of the cosmetics industry (see Faux Cosmetics), the obsessive world of celebrity (see “ANNAANNA-ANNAANNA”), and most recently to China, for a re-interpretation on their “Chubby Chaser” collection for Guangzhou Fashion Week.

This Is Not An Office is a teaser for Maison the Faux’s forthcoming July 16th show at Amsterdam Fashion Week, yet another retro chic advert/video diary of the brands latest adventures in mischievous anarchy. Filmed during house cinematographer, Robert Fox’s travels with designers Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer in Guangzhou, China, Fox left me with this, “What’s real and what’s FAUX is no longer the question.

Watch the teaser below: