Late Checkout has launched its latest collection inspired by a fictional character: The Painter. The brand’s concept is based on a Hotel that changes its appearance and atmosphere according to the different characters that inhabit it. These characters, either employees or guests, represent different facets of the brand’s identity and vision. They also narrate intriguing stories of luxury and decadence, involving unexpected encounters, rule-breaking, and creativity.

The Painter is the newest addition to this cast of characters. He arrived at the Hotel for a short stay, but he never left his room 202. He is an eccentric and restless artist, always looking for new sources of inspiration. He uses anything and anyone as his canvas and muse, especially the Bellboy, who often skips his work to model for The Painter. The Painter adds a splash of color, a hint of madness, and a refined aesthetic sense to the Hotel.

Check out the collection below: