Immersed in the Autumn/Winter and in the low temperatures that most cities offer, sometimes a little difficult to bear without losing style, the Juul brothers – founders of the Danish brand HELIOT EMIL, have found the perfect solution to this problem, as they have just presented what from today some will qualify as the most interesting, versatile, and avant-garde jacket of the season, among other adjectives.

This garment is called “DRIFTED DOWN PIECE” and stands out for its 57 different ways of wearing it (thanks to its 8 zips), as well as for its minimalist style and for clearly representing the concept of industrial elegance that the company defends so much.

Another feature that makes this piece special is the combination of materials it is made of 90% duck down and 10% feathers for the filling. Thanks to this combo, the H.E. jacket is one of the most functional options when it comes to acquiring outerwear. As a curiosity, it is also interesting to know that the down clusters expand to fill the space and trap small pockets of air within their filaments to create thousands of insulating pockets. The more down clusters it contains, the higher its height and, consequently, its warmth.

From the moment we were aware of the existence of the “DRIFTED DOWN PIECE”, we wanted to know more about it, and Julius Juul – creative director of HELIOT EMIL, answered a few questions we had:

Julius, the Autumn/Winter 23 collection is available for purchase and you have recently added the “Drifted Down Piece” to it. What role does this play in the line?

That’s right, it’s already available to buy. The Drifted Down Jacket is a representation of the HELIOT EMIL aesthetic and approach to design that explores form and function.

If this piece stands out for anything, it is because it can be worn in 57 different ways. Can you tell us how this was possible? It seems almost impossible! Do you think this justifies the price?

There are actually more options than 57! We just made 57 interesting ways that we found.

We constructed an intricate zipper system that makes it possible to disassemble and reassemble the entire construction in a lot of different ways. The styling options are almost endless with this piece.

I think the price is justified by the quality of the components that make up the jacket, not the fact that the jacket has multiple functionalities.

The coat’s padding is another reason why the article stands out. As we can read in the press release, this ensures that it is protected against cold temperatures. But, what about the lightness? Is it easy to wear?

The down and feathers it is filled with are a great natural way to keep warm, as they work with the body’s temperature and regulate more naturally than synthetic materials. They are some of the lightest filling materials and also have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any filling material, both natural and synthetic. Natural fibres, thanks to their inherently breathable properties, contribute to more stable body moisture levels.

With which three adjectives would you define this jacket?
Functional, industrial, and elegant.

Two of the adjectives you’ve used to define the piece are industrial and elegant. The union of these made concept is something that you defend a lot from the company. Obviously, this jacket can be worn in almost any situation, but let’s focus on a more elegant context or situation. What would be the most appropriate way to wear it? 

I think the elegance of the piece is up to the individual person and the material itself. One of the ways I like it the most is with the open back. It creates a very elegant silhouette.

Continue with this sentence: the Drifted Down piece by Heliot Emil is perfect because…

I can’t do it. I think there is no such thing as perfection. But in striving for perfection we might achieve excellence.

Check out the numerous ways of wearing the jacket below: