Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Leo Maki‘s captivating world—a visionary queer photographer based in Poland. “The Hidden Dimension,” an evocative short film by Container Love, delves into the complexity and splendor of Maki’s visual creations, celebrating real-life diversity.

Amidst struggles and sacrifices faced by queer individuals striving to make a difference, Poland’s LGBTQIA+ rights still have a long way to go. Through Maki’s lens, the film unveils his inspiration, challenges, and self-fashioned sanctuary, where sexuality, desire, and societal norms converge into captivating art. Born in Poland, Maki fearlessly invites us into his personal history, seamlessly weaving it into his thought-provoking photography.

The Hidden Dimension” offers an intimate exploration of queer spaces, showcasing their beauty, complexity, and resilience. This visionary collaboration between director Ben Galster, executive producer Christian Ruess, and industry professionals transcends artistic boundaries, reminding us to celebrate diverse identities as we strive for inclusive societies.

The full film will be released by the end of May, igniting conversations that challenge societal norms. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below: