“Cyborg Generation” is not just a film; it’s a window into the life of Kai Landre, a musician who dares to dream beyond the ordinary. Directed by Miguel Morillo and brought to life by THE MOVEMENT (LANDIA), this documentary captures a four-year saga of transformation and discovery.

The story begins with Kai Landre at 18, ready to embark on an unprecedented journey. His goal is ambitious: to perceive sounds from the cosmos by merging technology with his body. The film follows him as he navigates the underground world of biohackers, where he finds allies in his quest for transhumanization.

Morillo’s lens offers an intimate glimpse into Landre’s life, from the vibrant energy of New York to the streets of Barcelona. The narrative is as much about the evolution of a cyborg as it is about a young man’s search for identity. Landre’s path is fraught with risks, including an illegal operation that could cost him everything.

The film is ready for its world premiere at the 55th Visions du Réel Festival, a cornerstone of European documentary cinema.

Check out the trailer below: