Photographer Dan Spigelman follows Paul and Noah from Rockmen, as they navigate their day in a post-industrial satellite city, embodying the cultural youth revolution and anti-establishment spirit of the UK’s turbulent 1980s.

With the expert touch of Flore Vauville, a cinema costume designer, they dove into thrift stores to resurrect the rebellious DIY fashion of that era. Inspired by underground movements, new wave music, and the audaciously vibrant colors of the 1980s, they aim to showcase the lasting influence of British subcultures on contemporary life and fashion.

Flore’s styling choices also embrace sustainability, reflecting the 80s philosophy of reusing and repurposing. By exclusively using second-hand clothes and thrift store finds, they advocate for an eco-friendly fashion statement with a mission is to infuse old garments with new life, presenting stylish, affordable alternatives that steer clear of big brand dominance and the ecological impact of fast fashion.


Photographer: Dan Spigelman @danspigelman at Caliber Colective
Stylist: Flore Vauville @flore_anah at The Talent Group
Models: Noah @noarrgh & Paul @paul_lrbt
Models’ Agency:
Make-up: Wesley @wesleymakeupartist