The Broken Arm and Salomon are pleased to announce their collaboration around a model of the French firm: SALOMON SNOWCROSS. Usually reserved for athletes in trail snow, it is its raw and technical aspect that have attracted the 3 founders of The Broken Arm shop. A specific work has been done on the sole, in order to make it usable in everyday life. It is also a colorway completely dedicated to this model and decided by The Broken Arm with Solomon teams.

We have always associated Salomon our fashion selection because their search for high-level performance and extreme conditions make them imagine ever more innovative products and therefore new aestheticisms without compromise. Thought as an active sports use, or as a fashionable diversion, Solomon offers an almost unique mink.” – The Broken Arm

The Broken Arm and Salomon wanted to combine this collaboration with the work of the artistic director Nicolas Santos, with the creation of 3 visuals. “We wanted to combine the work of Nicolas Santos in this project because we knew that it would have the sensitivity and creativity to bring a strong visual dimension to this project.”