Mark your calendars for October 1st because THE AVANTGUARD is dropping their Rewilding Eyewear Collection, a cool lineup that’s got eco-warriors and fashion enthusiasts buzzing.

This collection is all about a three-part journey – bloom, grow, blossom. It’s a fusion of nature, science, and Japanese craftsmanship, brought to life through recycled, bio-degradable, and green plant-based acetates. No fluff, just quality eyewear that’s kind to the planet.

In the spotlight, there are eleven sleek sunglass designs, each available in three fresh colorways. They’re all crafted from recycled, bio-degradable, and green plant-based acetates. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about doing good.

To celebrate the collection, THE AVANTGUARD’s latest campaign is a celebration of the beautiful synergy between nature and fashion, a reminder that we can coexist harmoniously. It’s driven by AI with zero environmental impact.

Check it out below: