The Tres low table collection is the latest creation from Mut Design’s Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón for Saba. Unveiled at Milan’s Salone del Mobile, these tables stand out with their unique triangular shape and rounded corners, supported by three cylindrical legs.

Describing this collection as “sexy” might seem unconventional when it comes to furniture, yet it encapsulates the essence of Tres perfectly. With its sleek design and special iridescent finishes that mimic mother-of-pearl, these tables bring a certain allure to any room. This duality of solidity and lightness merges into a synthesis that elevates Tres beyond mere furniture to an iconic accessory, a harmonious blend of utility and artistic expression.

The Tres collection is not just about looks; it’s practical too. The tables come in two sizes, making them a versatile choice for different spaces. The name ‘Tres’—Spanish for ‘three’—has a special backstory. It was inspired by a trip to Mexico where three friends, including the designers, experienced a moment of connection. This encounter is reflected in the design’s theme of threes: three corners, three legs, and three finishes—Opal shell, Spring shell, and Honey shell.

Whether you need a statement piece or a functional accessory, the Tres table collection offers both, blending art with everyday use in a simple yet sophisticated way.

Check it out below: