The Saint-Petersburg-based rapper Tatarka just dropped her brand new ‘KAWAII’ music video taken from the long-awaited debut album GOLDEN FLOWER. ‘KAWAII’ is the artist’s stylish take on the worldwide cultural phenomenon that is k-pop and was created by the up and coming Russian director Andrey Trevgoda.

Tatarka’s sound and look are a compelling mix of cultures bringing together her Western and Eastern influences – rapping in both Tatar and English languages, the artist is one of the most exciting female voices hailing from the former Soviet beacon. Being one of the pioneers of contemporary female rap in Russia she continues to be one of the most promising female artists on the local music scene. Despite her pretty eclectic sound switching from cloud rap to more epic dancefloor bangers, her national Tatar folk music element always stays intact.

Watch ‘KAWAII’ below: