Co-founders Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell have observed a gap in the wedding market—a lack of offerings for the fashion-forward, non-traditional brides, grooms, and celebrants. Their mission? To craft a collection that transcends gender labels, celebrates individuality, and honors the authentic character of each person.

The Tanner Fletcher Weddings collection emerges as a solution to the one-dimensional approach to bridal fashion. It questions the traditional roles and expectations, asking, “What about the groom? What about queer celebrants?” Recognizing that marriage is a deeply personal affair, the brand aims to reflect the diversity of love in its designs.

Inspired by the romance and delicate nature of love, the collection weaves the essence of wedding traditions into its fabric. From fine lace trims to dainty silk charmeuse, each piece tells a story of love’s intricacies.

The collection’s made-to-order nature ensures that each piece can be tailored to the celebrant’s desires. Tanner Fletcher is delighted to offer wedding appointments at their Greenwich Village showroom, with bookings available through their website.

Reflecting on the journey, co-founder Fletcher Kasell shares, “We never intended on designing a wedding collection, but we recognized a demand for representation.” Similarly, Tanner Richie emphasizes the importance of challenging gender norms and empowering clients to define their own wedding traditions.

Check out below the collection photographed on film by Sara Bouwman: