TAAKK‘s new collection is all about reimagining “Yo-fuku” – Japan’s unique take on Western fashion. They’re inspired by the fashion rebels of the 80s and 90s, but wonder: can they be just as bold today?

TAAKK dives into surprising fabric combos. Think shirts that morph from cotton to wool, or jackets that blend seamlessly into shirts. It’s quirky and cool, like a modern Magritte painting.

Embroidery gets a refresh too. Instead of fancy stitching, TAAKK uses the garment’s own fabric to create cool, sculpted patterns. It’s a nod to classic European style, but with a Japanese twist. TAAKK mixes plant-based and chemical fibers to create 3D fabrics that practically come alive.

The collection’s statement sunglasses, made with Berlin’s MYKITA, are the perfect finishing touch.

Check out the collection below: