What is the meaning of summer? The answer can change depending on your personality, upbringing and cultural influences. Photographer Olivia Ghalioungui and stylist Manvi Bhatnagar asked their protagonists what color comes to their mind when they think of summer and what feeling it emulates in this Fucking Young! exclusive. What color most reminds you of your interpretation of summer?

Purple: Matteo Mason @ M Management in sweatsuit by Bluemarble and sunglasses by Chimi

Yellow: Steve Ney in top by Amesh and earring by Imminent Fantasma

Red: Youssou Camara @ M Management in jacket by Ferragamo, pants by Ottolinger, and shoes by Bluemarble

Blue: Milan @ Success Models in jacket by Solidhomme, pants by denzilpatrick, undergarment by Dior Homme, earcuff by Vitaly, and necklace by Givenchy

Orange: Rei @ Elite Model Management in top by Ferragamo, jeans and shoes by Jacquemus

Green: Mattia Castroianni @ M Management in top by Moonyounghee and pants by John Elliott

White: Hanabi @ Success Models in tank by mm6 maison margiela, top & jeans by Federico Cina, shorts under jeans by Louis Gabriel Nouchi, and jewellery by Vitaly


Photographer: Olivia Ghalioungui
Casting Director: Cheikh Kébé
Casting Assistant: Marcel Youssef
Stylist: Manvi Bhatnagar
Stylist Assistant: Alisa nikolenko
Hair stylist: Jason Thomas
Hair Assistant: Coralie Dziedzik
Makeup artist: Yoriko Fujita
Location: Blow Up Studio