Discovered during a trip to Japan in 2014, this piece is inspired by Boro: a traditional Japanese folk textile. Those fabrics represents two essential principles of Japanese culture; mottainai a term that conveys a deep sense of regret concerning waste and boroboro that celebrates the beauty in something frayed, decaying or repaired, demonstrating a vast esteem for our available resources and labor.




This is the latest addition to the Structural Skin series and was born in response to a commission from Villa Noailles for the 31e Festival International de Mode et de Photographie a Hyères, France.


This new object is based on Structural Skin – a self-produced material made out of leftovers from the leather industry. In this case, the objective was to go a step further and create a flat surface rather than the original leather slats, investigating new potential applications for this innovative material.



Starting from the idea of a visual system for a larger collection, this mirror consists on basic geometrical shapes derived from circles and rectangles. The colours were deliberately not chosen but instead left to the availability of our partner’s remnants; all the raw material used for this piece are offcuts and leftovers from the French fashion house Hermès, atelier petit h.




Designer: Jorge Penadés
Client: Villa Noailles
Partner: Hermès, atelier petit h