We captured stylish showgoers on disposable camera at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico. Mexican youth and style have slowly been working its way to the forefront and set to thrive with a new wave of creative voices coming out of the Central American country. While the world of fashion is expanding each season, it is exciting to see a place that isn’t looking to replicate the hyper-trends from Paris or London, but looking more at home, creating something sincere, whether it’s designer, vintage, or local, giving it an easy confident personal twist.

We caught some familiar faces while behind the camera including Alejandro Speitzer who you probably recognize as the face of Bulgari in Mexico, actor Darío Yazbek, artists Rob Woodcox and Marvin Y Quetzal among others.

Go West! And get inspired by the latest fashion trends that mix heritage, local brands such as Mexico is the Shit, Ex/Boyfriend Shirt and EGR, along with individual expressions that make up Mexico’s fashion scene. Take a look below: