It’s finally here! The cover for Fucking Young! SS16 “OUTSIDER” issue features English singer, songwriter, actor, and lead singer of Years & Years, Olly Alexander photographed by Matt Irwin, styled by Davey Sutton and art-directed by Nicola Formichetti.

 What does it mean to be an outsider in this day and age? In a world that goes by at the same speed as Sia releases a new song, where we are constantly bombarded by new information, the search for the ‘original’ seems to be a trend. “Everything has been done”, someone once said. So, what is this ‘new’ that doesn’t follow the rules, and that we are all trying to get to know? Who is this outsider, who is constantly becoming less of an outsider and more and more accepted and desired?
This issue is a small homage to some of those visionaries, and to the ones who are yet to come. Let’s not be afraid. Let’s think for 20 ourselves and let’s come up with ideas that will change the world.
FY! #8 analyses various points of view of what an outsider is through editorials, essays and interviews with among others Ahmed AbdelrahmanDemna GvasaliaHenrik SilviusOliviero Toscani.

FY! include 320 pages and editorials by Filip Custic & Kito Muñoz, Florian Joahn, Ivo Sekulovski, Josh Hight,
Laetitia Bica, Lowe H Seger, Matt Irwin, Mattias Björklund, Michaël Smits, Michiel Meewis, Pablo Sáez,
Ralph Mecke and Stas Kalashnikov.