Inspired by his friends in London and the city’s diverse fashion legacy, Stefano Pilati presents his latest collection for RANDOM IDENTITIES, titled: “Stefano’s London Rendezvous: A Sartorial Ode to Friendship”.

The collection captures the spirit of community and creative collaboration that transcends borders and boundaries. It features a range of exquisite pieces that combine classic British elegance with Pilati’s signature flair for design. From sleek one-button suits and asymmetric Oxford shirts to cozy tartan jackets and refined houndstooth coats, the collection pays tribute to both the history and the innovation of British style. It also nods to the vibrant New Romantic movement and its icons, such as Paul Simonon.

The collection plays with shapes and sizes, creating stylish and adaptable outfits that suit any occasion. Each piece has a clear design rationale, offering endless options for mixing and matching modern and contemporary looks. Imagine Pilati himself walking on the streets of London, wearing a wardrobe that reflects his personality and taste––timeless separates that embody the current mood, the cultural heritage and the skill with which he moves in any social setting.

The collection strikes a delicate balance between bold nostalgia and a discreet look––showing a level of minimalist restraint that rejects the excesses of fashion trends. It has an introverted mood, but a liberating appearance.

Check it out below: