“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Lao Tzu, philosopher

Established in London in 2015, STAFFONLY is a forward-thinking menswear and accessories brand founded by the two lead designers, Une and Shimo. Now based in Shanghai, STAFFONLY aims to offer a fresh take on traditional menswear by harnessing sharp concepts and incorporating innovative materials – creating both provocative and functional pieces every season.

We met the girls in Pitti Uomo 96 during the last edition at GUEST NATION CHINA section and that’s what they told us!



How and when was your passion for fashion born?

Our earliest memory of fashion is linked to the classic Chinese uniform from our primary school. It was a natural instinct to modify them since the original ones would always seem floppy and unfitted to the body. This is where we were enlightened about the different styles of cuts and silhouettes of one’s outfit.


What is STAFFONLY? Why did you choose this name?

STAFFONLY is a name that represents unlimited visions, which go beyond the word itself. It can be found on secret doors like backstage, the surgery room, the control room…etc. These concealed places are where all the magic happens, that is why the brand focuses on the logic hidden and rationale that is typically from the appearance and then the sense of communal recognition.



“Established in London in 2015, the Brand aims to offer a fresh take on traditional menswear by harnessing sharp concepts and incorporating innovative materials.” Who is your typical customer?

That moment when people try to address odd things in a very serious and formal way is really charming – this type of attitude is what we are looking for. Open-minded and full of curiosity, a STAFFONLY man is willing to break the boundaries and to explore the unknown era of the world.


You were chosen by Pitti Immagine as one of the designers within the creative incubator, GUEST NATION CHINA. What did this mean for you?

It’s our third time at in Pitti Uomo, and it was a special one, being with the other Menswear Designer brands from China via「China Guest Nation」project. It was a very unique place for the audience to get to know more about us as a contemporary menswear brand, and to be aware of China as a new creative hub of menswear, with all its energy and diversity.




You presented your SS20 collection “TO REPLACE A MINUTE’S SILENCE WITH A MINUTE’S APPLAUSE”, during the event. Tell us something about it.

The new collection revisits the position of the contemporary male. People are often accustomed to having a fixed expectation of male characteristics, causing them to ignore their inner free beliefs. There are preconceived notions associated with people’s career paths, especially men who choose to be house husbands. This collection is tailored to fit men with a variety of modern occupations. Breaking stereotypes that come from the perspective of genders located in binary opposition, this new image presents a state of ease, carrying a somewhat romantic image.


People need the most support, encouragement, and acceptance while looking for the strength to make changes in their lives. New choices and diversified values often reflect people’s creativity and courage, and most importantly, the love of life itself. By not following the tide and listening to the heart, every undertaking and free choice becomes attractive; it is similar to the birth of a new supernova, gathering energy beyond imagination, shining a light that no one can ignore.

The Gingham prints are also a key theme of this collection, mixing details that are synonymous in tailoring and menswear with nostalgic hints of household memories, such as gingham table cloths and lace aprons.