I started to follow the hip-hop collective A$AP MOB since their breakout hit Trillmatic has been released in 2013 so when Converse gave me the chance to chat with A$AP NAST I was really excited.

Everything has been super relaxed, in the manner of our boy. I met him in London during the craziest One Star Hotel experience. We spoke about his life as artist, his perception of fashion, his Harlem state of mind. Of course, we spoke about the last collaboration with Converse and One Star too, SOMEWHERE IN MID-CENTURY.


Who’s A$AP NAST? When did you start to be a rapper? Tell us about yourself, your music, your background

Well, I always wanted to be a rapper in my life.

I started with rap as a hobby, with my brother. We were kids and we liked making our own lyrics and words.

It was at the age of 9, 10. Honestly I would have never expected to have a profession, a career in the music industry, it was just a passion. That’s pretty much how it came about.


What’s the link between music and fashion?

Well, honestly fashion has always been something I went hand in hand, as a kid.

Even in music, nowadays if you don’t look good they don’t want to listen to your music. It’s terrible but they look at your style, they don’t just judge the music but they follow your personal style.


How was your collaboration with Converse born?

Well, basically a friend of mine joined people at Converse, we kept in touch by emails and we immediately started to collaborate, about a month later. We spoke and a month later we had the shoe.

This is a particular period for fashion. Do you think new high fashion is Sporty more than Gucci od Prada?

Well, I think new fashion is street wear. People mix the two, high fashion and the streetwear.


How much important are social networks?

Social networks actually represent a great opportunity because people can reach brands easier and faster. Without social media it is hard to keep in touch and contact brands and designers all over the world. They make the process easy and make things easier for both the consumers and the designers.


What do you think about One Star Hotel?

Oh, I like it, I love it.


And what about your capsule-collection, SOMEWHERE IN MID-CENTURY?

My sneaker is amazing!


Which kind of Converse do you usually prefer to wear?

 I love the Converse Chuck 70s, the classic one. It’s the first Converse I’ve put on my feet even if I like all kinds of All Star.


A$AP, Converse and New York City…what’s the link with Harlem as well?

Well, I come from what Harlem, NY, is the ghetto. I lived with a lot of people around at whatever time. I was fortunate, a fortunate kids’ leader so…shoes like Converse were popular, had a name and they were wearable and affordable at the same time.

You can wear them at very different levels: subway level, street-wear level… you can wear them with anything, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing: cheap clothes, expensive clothes, in between…. They look good with everything.


What about your future projects?

I’ve something coming with Coconut staff.


What is really FUCKING YOUNG!?

Honestly I met millions of people but I’d say some friend of mine.


Photos by Antonio Eugenio