We can not participate in the past, we can not predict the future, the Mayan prophecy constantly contend with modern science. The limits of humanity and the Earth can not have a practical measure, the end of the world really coming? Fantasy intertwined with a false sense of time and space, there is no soldier.

“Soldiers of the future” photographed by Ethan Zhong and styled and art directed by Coke HO for 風度Men’s Uno China first issue. Film directed by Kao Cheng Kai.

Art Director& Stylist: Coke Ho
Photography: Ethan Zhong
Photography assistant: Yi-Han Chang, Frank Hsu
Makeup: Ping Hsuan Lu
Hairstyle: Pai Chin Tsai
Model: Hassan @ M Plus Zih Yang Shiu @ Starmaker
Fashion Assistant: Xuan Xu
Special thanks: Chien Wei Chang, Nico Yang
Film directed by Kao Cheng Kai
Music: We want war by These New Puritans