SixLee Fall/Winter 2013 collection is all about classical tailoring tradition with a futuristic twist. The typical SixLee characteristics: elegantly tailored silhouettes in rich materials, indulge oneself in the journey to time travel own past and future through lights.

To continue the story from the previous summer season, a new world began; the new world became a bridge between the past and future. People are getting more obsessive with their past and on the other hand looking forward to the future. They time travel through dimensions of light, move back and forth between the past and the future. They are trying to look through all the experience and fragments of memory they collate from the past to step out from what they meant to be and be a better self.

A lot of inspiration from the light installation artists nowadays to create the background of the new world, such as James Turrell, James Nizam, Carlo Bernardini and Robert Irwin. The lighting prints served as the main inspiration for this collection. Different shades of blue represent different points in time along the spectrum.

A focal interest on 19th century fine tailoring of the English aristocracy gets combined with the Popes, Detective and Priest costumes. All silhouettes are the showcase of the sharpness of the British tailoring, with a lot of layering that preserve their reserved elegance. The collection also presents a series of scarf and accessories using wool and knit that you could play around with the silhouette.