Take a look at this new fashion film by Johnny Evans, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

I find myself being attracted to ideas of hyper-“masculinity”, whilst also actively rejecting the projection that men should only be seen in one certain light. So in this film specifically I was inspired by the sub-culture of “chavs” and England’s equivalent of “white trash”. However, I thought it would be interesting to combine this reference with gay club culture, something I relate to first hand. Consequently, the film follows three youths throughout a normal day of hanging out at a track field and smoking up in their living room, all under my own creative lens. I hope both the visuals and the styling in the video are able to communicate a much freer and open-minded take on the way young people choose to express themselves in a contemporary context.” – Johnny Evans

Producer, creative director, stylist and set design: Johnny Evans
Director and cinematography: Koko Stoimenov
1st assistant director, animation, editor: Ella Violetta
Make-up: Eva Mage
Jewellery: Bitsch Kitsch
Production manager, lighting: Louise Scimeca
Models: Luke Derrick, Glenn Wigham & TMJuelz
Fashion film music: Teodor Blixt via Ankoria
Music Credits: Breeze, UFO & UFO
Graphics: Dom Campbell