SIMON LEXTRAIT‘s Spring/Summer 2018 collection revolves around the ideas of space and movement. Each every day gesture is a dance, each every day surrounding is a stage. The collection shows silhouettes both existing as flat pictorial representations and as shaped physical bodies in space. This is how the story takes place. Erste Zweite Dritte refers to a choreographic and musical moment when rhythm is the common structure of time and space. The garments construction is triggered by exploring a range of different dimensions. Some pieces are geometrically constructed and based on archaic flat forms. The excess of ease and wideness has given it a lively, even playful, appearance to the silhouettes. At the same time, some other garments are fit, draped following the human body lines and trimmed in appropriate ways. These pieces communicate together in order to make the whole flows as a harmonious collection that gives to the body an ease of movement and a delicate stand.

Photography: Jules Moskovtchenko