The first collection of Sean Suen for Spring/Summer  2013 brings forth a dialog between the lost extra-urbanized soul of today’s man and his everyday urge of finding his roots and maybe a much needed but hidden sense of his belonging.

At first look a post apocalyptical world may transpire but this illusion fades away in the face of the simple truth transcending through the deconstructed clothes, that of a just discovered simple yet cruel reality of an overnight ultra urbanized existence.

For at essence this collection plunges us into recovering the Chinese mystical tradition and the Taoist practice of leading through known symbols into the unpronounceable unthinkable truth that awaits to be revealed to the soul.

The gold big zippers, repeated throughout the collection, act as a trigger for this need of introspection and rediscovery of the unknown soul. A soul that we discover later to be a mosaic of cracked broken glass that needs to be mended or maybe a glimpse into the microcosm of nature expanded.

The yin and yang duality diligently and stubbornly brought forth by Sean Suen, from the black and white predominant shades, to the strong masculine cut mellowed by the flowing printed silk, the combination between surprising materials work as mediums for starting our own introspection.