SEAN SUEN revealed “Abnormal Version” Part II of his FW21 Collection entitled “The Mediocre Monster”, with a fashion show in Shanghai.

Divided we fall, united we stand.

If the world were to be ruled by the abnormal, then “normal” would be “abnormal”, the abnormal would be orthodox. It would be meaningless if the so-called normal and abnormal, orthodox and heterodox, only serve the purpose of distinguishing what is strong or weak, or what is more or less. According to societal standards, following the pre-defined growth trajectory is abnormal and out of place, while on the contrary, people rush to become rebellious enemies of the world. This is the ridiculous and paradoxical part. If you follow this way of thinking to distinguish what is normal and abnormal, then the normal and abnormal are just like two sides of the moon, what we can see and what we cannot.

These heterodox expressions, although being marginalized, it does not mean it is not powerful, although unheard, it does not mean that they should not be heard. If the sound being loud enough means it is representable, the system being strong enough means it is dominant, then it will be monotonous and boring, or prejudiced and rigid to see. This is what we want to explore. There cannot be only one trend in the design system, nor can there be only one expression in the language of fashion. To initiate a dialogue between “normal” and “abnormal”, and to collide between “popular” and “non-popular” is what SEAN SUEN wants to present this season.

The proportional deconstruction outside of the normal, and the shackles of the silhouette outside of abnormal are both trying to use the opposing and unifying design techniques to examine the situation. Some of the unusual and fragmented materials are used in this season to demonstrate some slices of the “sicknesses” of this era. Fragmented, disordered, incomprehensible, and disagreeable. What SEAN SUEN wants to express is that all of these can coexist and will eventually coexist.

Normal or abnormal, are merely mediocre.