The iconic Aviator jacket G1, originally designed for the US Navy pilots, has been given a fresh and stylish makeover by the French skateboarding brand Hélas. The result is a stunning collaboration that blends the classic American heritage of Schott NYC with the modern and urban flair of Hélas.

The jacket features a crinkled leather texture that gives it a vintage and nostalgic feel, as well as a slightly oversized fit that reflects the 90s French style that Hélas is known for. The jacket also boasts some unique details, such as an embossed Hélas logo on the chest, a large embossed umbrella on the back, invisible snap buttons on the pockets, and metal trims for a sleek and refined look.

The jacket comes with two removable sheep fur collars, one in the same color as the jacket and one in off-white, that can be switched depending on the occasion. It also has a removable inner vest with Hélas embroideries on both sides, that can be worn separately when the weather gets warmer.

To celebrate this amazing partnership, we met with Malika, JB & Karl from Hélas at the Aérodrome de Chavenay near Paris, where they posed in Air Force squadrons as a homage to the classic movie Top Gun.

Check it out below:


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