Uri Valls, Marc Román, Yesid Sánchez, and Victor Maxner shot by Vinyet Feliubadaló and styled with pieces from Ricard Baldomà, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

This collection wants to highlight the overrated emphasis the human being puts on himself and on the perception by others and how as a society in different cultures artifice and social norms have been created to organize and synthesize what defines individual character. Also, it is a critic based on my perception of the western world over the past years on how as a society we have entered a time of collusion and division as a consequence of the rising of the ultra-conservative and far-right ideologies once more due to humanitarian, political and environmental crisis This feeling of instability is visible and palpable in the youth and especially in fashion with the “Throwback phenomenon” and the adoration of the past. And when taking everything into account I wonder, what is the reaction? How is one supposed to react when looking at all the information? Irony, ridicule, and pathos are what come to mind. As said by the Chinese artist Yue Minjun ‘Smile and pretend everything is fine or smile and face the situation as an act of rebellion?’ These concepts are taken through a humorist and self-critical view in order to create a joyful yet critical collection.

Photography: Vinyet Feliubadaló @byvinyet
Styling: Ricard Baldomà @ricardbaldomalarrosa
Hair & Make-up: Elena López Ruiz @loru.mua, Mabel Daisy Boon @mabelmuartist
Models: Uri Valls @urivallss @sightmanagement, Marc Román @marcazzio @trendmodelsmgmt, Yesid Sánchez @lilyesid @twomanagementbarcelona, and Victor Maxner @victormaxner @twomanagementbarcelona