Cream Soda — are a pop-trio hailing from Russia responsible for one of the greatest Russian tracks of 2019 ‘Никаких больше вечеринок’ and the isolation hymn ‘Плачу на техно’. The project has been highly praised by the local press calling it one of the most interesting contemporary projects in Russia.

‘Меланхолия’ (Melancholy) — their new music video, was entirely generated by the artificial neural network. This experiment was created having in mind not only the Russian scene but also the international market. The Cream Soda musicians were among the first to succeed in creating a music video in collaboration with AI: the digital painter – as Anya, Dima and Ilya metaphorically call the neural network – transformed the track’s lyrics into visual imagery.

The artificial intelligence analyzed our lyrics and transformed each sentence into a canvas. We thought this to be so fresh and incredible that we decided to make a music video out of it. This was our way to demonstrate how technologies are influencing contemporary culture’” – said the artists.

According to Cream Soda even though the video has been created based on a structured mathematical theory, what happens inside the system after the launch still remains a mystery even to its creators. Today we can see the difficulties that the A.I. encounters while trying to understand the man, but at the same time we understand the potential of this technology and it’s extremely interesting to observe its evolution.

Watch the video below: