MEI KAWA‘a Fall/Winter 2014 “ROLES ” collection debuts with a video teaser, which was made as pendant of the campaign pictures. The video explores the relation between a young man and an older woman through close attention to every little movement and hidden secrets of their clothes. We are part of an intimate situation as it turns out that the man is dressing the woman. We cannot really detect their nexus only we suspect the whole possible scale of their emotional background. The garments are applied for undefined roles of love and care. Their roles in each other’s life will be unveiled in the second part of the campaign where the pictures are the consequences of this depicted situation.


Featuring: Ida Puklus, Péter Puklus
Director: Attila Damokos
Director Of Photography: Marcell Nagy
Music: Csaba Kalotás, David Hegyi
Editor: Vanda Gorácz
Colorist: Marcell Marton, Dániel Micsoda
Make-up & Hair: Nancy Radó