ROARK introduces elegant utility through contrast combinations and light weight layering. Shirt bodies are paneled with leather, adding depth and increasing durability. Raw and wild silk yarns blend with cottons adding new textures and color ways to a range of multi function knitwear. Suiting is sharp, and occasionally doble  breasted creating clean lines that sweep and compliment the human form. Linen pleated shorts lined in lightweight jersey create new proportions and challenge conventional approches to tailoring.

ROARK Collective lives and works together in a warehouse in the midst of downtown Los Angeles. They tell a story that focus on empowerment and the celebration of individuality, while reaching out to like-minded artists and conceptual thinkers at large, to communicate and expand the collective consciousness.
ROARK garments are created to provide people with authentic experiences and engage their involvement within the labels growing community. Garments are designed to challenge individuals to express themselves more freely, and have fun in the clothes they live in.
Together they create a self-awareness that engages our audience with their environment, forcing us to embody this consciousness, which we strive to bring to the forefront of men’s fashion.