ROA‘s Fall/Winter 2023 collection found its picturesque backdrop in the hamlet of Dungeness, a landscape as unique as it is vast, with smooth shingle extending from the protected wetlands of the Dungeness National Nature Reserve. Isolated and perched on the straits of Dover, Dungeness is a place of wonder, boasting a distinctive and delicate ecosystem.

This remarkable location is more than just scenic; it’s historical. Here, Derek Jarman, with meticulous care, curated his garden. He transplanted cuttings from the rugged species that lined the shore during his morning walks, following the guidance of the landscape itself. Driftwood and water-worn stone necklaces became supports, discovered and arranged in a manner that allowed nature to take its course. Everything faced the challenges of this extreme environment. Santolina and helichrysum, shaped by the relentless wind, joined forces with the sculptural elements of the garden, creating a unique synergy, where human intervention and nature’s determination coexisted.

The collection, like the garden, embodies the harmony between human design and nature’s influence. It’s a blend of artistry and practicality, capturing the essence of a unique landscape and the spirit of Dungeness.

Check out the campaign images below: