Richert Beil‘s new collection “Bademodenschau” splashes a riot of inclusivity onto the German summer scene.  The collection was presented during Berlin Fashion Week, in an art gallery at Potsdamer Platz.

Imagine this: models rocking past a fancy “Fischbrötchen Stand” – a wink at those classic German beach snacks – designed by Stefanie Grau to make you feel like you’re by the sea. But the real magic here is the message. Design team Jale Richert and Michele Beil are presenting a super diverse group of models and clothes that are anything but boring.

Bademodenschau isn’t just about looking good; it’s about breaking down those annoying stereotypes. They take classic German beach vibes and mix them with styles that say “I’m here, I’m comfy, and I don’t care what you think.” There’s flowy clothes for chilling and bold, tailored pieces that say “don’t mess with me” – basically, something for everyone, no matter how you like to rock the beach.

Richert Beil’s usual thing is clean lines, sharp tailoring, and black and white everything, but this time they’re throwing in some surprises. Think latex, rubber, and recycled leather alongside fancy Italian fabrics. They’re playing around with different textures and making clothes that look cool, no matter who you are.

Speaking of cool, Bademodenschau takes a big step towards saving the planet. They teamed up with eBay to give some pre-loved clothes a new lease on life. They took vintage leather pants, jackets, and biker gear – all with their own stories to tell – and turned them into five incredible, one-of-a-kind showpieces. It’s a reminder that old stuff can be awesome again, and that shopping smart is good for you and the Earth.

Check out the collection below: