In the Men’s SS24 Red September collection, we witness fashion as contemporary therapy, where the soul is turned inside out, and seams become expressions of the self. Denim, beloved by the creative mind behind it all, Olga Vasyukova, has become synonymous with the brand’s identity. It serves as both a means of expression and a remedy for life’s malaise.

Ripped jeans jackets bear fringed threads, as if they’ve weathered life’s hardships alongside you. Low-rise jeans boast jumbled pockets, reflecting the chaos and unpredictability of our daily experiences. Men’s shirts and trousers appear as if they’ve been touched by acid, their stains and splashes acting as the lone bursts of vibrancy in a collection where colors speak in hushed tones.

The Men’s SS24 collection will make their debut during the buyer’s season at the Boon showroom in Paris as part of Men’s Paris Fashion Week.

Check out the lookbook images below: