Ray-Ban is stepping up its game with the new Ray-Ban Pulse collection, featuring nine fresh designs that are all about being true to yourself and embracing life’s vibrant colors. The collection is a leap forward for the brand, mixing classic vibes with a fresh twist.

Captured by Tyrell Hampton, an American filmmaker and photographer, the campaign is a dynamic showcase of the collection’s spirit. It’s a mix of past and present, a blend of different styles and cultures, all captured with a sense of motion and life.

The collection itself is a playful tribute to the ’90s, but with a modern edge. The Anh and Xime models are sleek and simple, with colorful lenses and slender metal frames. Izaz and Xan are bolder, with thick, curvy designs that call back to ’90s sportswear. Zena, Kat, and Teru have a futuristic flair, while Yevi and Emy are a creative mix of classy and quirky, with their wire frames and unique shapes.

Check it out below: