Rapha and Paul Smith have teamed up once more to create a one-of-a-kind riding collection, paying homage to the unifying nature of cycling. Drawing on the decades-long friendship between Paul Smith and Rapha Founder Simon Mottram, which first blossomed thanks to their mutual love for the sport, the collection represents not only cycling but also the bonds of friendship, community, and creativity.

This collaboration features a variety of riding accessories, along with an exclusive RCC jersey in club colors and a black version adorned with Paul Smith’s signature stripes. The collection’s design is inspired by the golden era of jersey design, which saw designs become more vivid, intricate, and collectible.

With both brands renowned for their attention to detail, this collection is no exception, featuring small yet significant features such as Artist Stripe-inspired zip tape, reflective patches, and mismatched RCC stripes, all celebrating Paul’s love of color. The collection is available in two colorways, navy and black, with each version exclusive to either Rapha or Paul Smith.

In conjunction with the launch of the collaboration, the campaign features real-life stories from cyclists from all walks of life, celebrating the power of the sport to foster connections and strengthen bonds between families, friends, and colleagues.

Paul Smith expresses his excitement about the collaboration, stating that working with Rapha and Simon once again has been a great honor. Simon Mottram, Rapha Founder, shares his sentiments, emphasizing how cycling has been the common thread that brought him and Paul together and how this collaboration has been a chance to bring their shared history to life while celebrating friendships forged through cycling worldwide.

Take a look at the campaign images below: