Unsigned presents new face Luke Cooke in exclusive images and interview for Fucking Young! 23-year-old Luke Cooke is an exquisite find, a prototype engineer at a design consultancy, it’s only natural that he should be scouted by Cesar Perin at a London design show. Possessing an incredibly rare bone structure, Unsigned’s new model has a uniqueness that will see him making a huge impact within the fashion industry. Keep an eye on this rare bird.


Name: Luke Cooke

Age: 23

Starsign: Gemini

Hometown: Godalming

Best thing about your hometown: My friends, family and my home, and lots of nature around.

Best thing to do in your hometown: Beer Gardens and pub lunches.

How did you get into modeling / where were you scouted: I did some fine art photography modelling as a student at the Arts University Bournemouth. But I was scouted at design exhibition Tent London.

Were you interested in fashion before you got into modeling: Only in as much as I like to look good, but otherwise not really.

Favourite designers: If we mean designers in general, I love Ross Lovergrove’s work which often involves very natural free form shapes with some beautiful products produced as a result. If you mean fashion designers I like Hugo boss and Superdry.

Most loved possession in your wardrobe: My onsie, my DC high tops or my suit.

What’s your take on the modeling industry: I don’t know much about it at the moment as I’m very new, but the photographs and clothes produced can be incredible and I love the creativity of the designers and the final images, they are works of art in themselves. I know there are lots of negative associations surrounding modelling and knowing girls who worry about their looks this does concern me.

What are you most looking forward to doing being a model: I am excited to take part in photo shoots and travel as these will be new experiences for me.

Who do you most want to model for: Hugo Boss or Prada.

Who are your favourite models: I don’t have a favourite model, I tend to just look at images as interesting images rather than looking at the model posing in them.

What else do you do: I work as a graduate prototyping engineer for a design consultancy, but I love movies, art, design and music.

Fashion week survival tip: Never done one, I’m guessing eat whilst you can.

Most played tune on your iPod: Ben Howard’s album.

Worst job you’ve ever had: Working as a KP in a tea room. Eight hours of tea pot washing is less than pleasurable.

What do you like to do when you’re in London: Going to galleries, exhibitions and restaurants.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done: I regularly say yes to people spontaneously. Most recently it was saying yes to going to Tent London. I only agreed to do it last minute not knowing where I was going or what to expect. I saw a brilliant exhibition and I met Cesar Perin!