Q Design and Play may introduce you the latest Fall/Winter 2012 collection under the name ‘Ideal Societies’. Among many ideologists who come up with their own theory of Ideal Societies, B.F. Skinner’s and Sir Thomas More’s are the two ideologists that we pick up their ideas to mention to. Both of their ideas are somehow slightly different, but basically their Ideal Societies are both built on the understanding of human nature and human happiness. We may say that their theories are developed from those understandings or even from their own contentment. The thing is Ideal Society is always been an idealist because those ideologists fantasize for people for what they want. So they design society according to what they have always believed and let people do whatever they like under their conditions. Last but not least, we may say that every fantasized society has influenced people to turn their focus to the actual society even better. We realize the difference between current society and idea society is what matters the most.

Q, street and urbanwear brand was founded in 2010, under the slogan “We design, you play.” It is created by the admiration for the product and clothing designs of a young blood designer, Praphat Somboonsitti who earns a Bachelor of Communication Arts in Graphic Design. Praphat was once employed by Ogilvy & Mather, the advertising company, holding the position Art Director. Praphat is fond of art and fashion that he turns himself into a Creative Director who designs apparels with graphic details emphasized by shapes and prints. His masterpiece used the Geometric prints as the brand’s signature.