After a professional pathway through a number of prestigious partnerships – from Ermenegildo Zegna to Valentino and Cerruti to Berluti – the Italian designer Aldo Maria Camillo presents his first collection, conceived as the ideal wardrobe for the modern-day man, with a special event at Pitti Uomo.

Aldo Maria Camillo works exclusively and with great focus on men’s fashion studying the masculine silhouette with the aim of giving a new imprint and different freshness to menswear,” says Lapo Cianchi, Pitti Immagine Director of Communications and Events. “His cultural references belong to an intimately classical background, supported by solid stylistic training and an acute sensitivity to current worldwide events – which goes beyond fashion. He has talent, imagination, and a sense of material. The new project of Aldo Maria is very personal and immediately interested us because we believe that in menswear it is essential to return to the standards of elegance and nonetheless reread and renew in a modern key. We want to join him in this adventure of launching his self-named brand, which now more than ever before requires courage and determination.

ALDOMARIACAMILLO represents the beginning of a new story,” says Designer Aldo Maria Camillo, “a showcase where I can both express my ideal of fashion and speak of myself; I believe clothing is a tool for communicating who we are without saying a word, because it lives and grows together with us. With my brand, I would like to create a collection that evolves and completes itself over time, in which garments possess the quality needed to last as long as possible.”