Fashion is often a journey that takes us back to our roots, our memories, and our personal experiences. Edmond Luu, the creative force behind PIÈCES UNIQUES, has embarked on a unique voyage, drawing inspiration from a place close to his heart – the world of school uniforms.

In the Spring/Summer 24 collection, aptly titled “J’AIME PAS L’ÉCOLE” (I Don’t Like School), Edmond delves deep into the nostalgia of school uniforms from around the world. His creative exploration began by revisiting his own kindergarten and secondary school days in the suburbs, leafing through his mother’s childhood photos when she was a schoolgirl in Vietnam, and finding inspiration in her uniform.

But Edmond’s fascination with school uniforms doesn’t stop there. He’s been an avid admirer of these iconic ensembles, whether they’re worn by manga characters, cheerleaders, American football teams, or British series characters like those from “Skins” or “Misfits.” His work revolves around various archetypes, from the Saifuku to the Japanese yankee, the eccentric teacher, the nerd, and the Prom guy.

Check out the collection below: