Paris-based brand PHIPPS, founded and creatively directed by Spencer Phipps, has taken advantage of the start of a new season to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection through a lookbook, designed from the sunny shores of Los Angeles and to lay the groundwork for a new and exciting chapter in the company’s history.

The southern Californian city was the birthplace of the designer’s new work. Spencer, as an American, has a strong feeling of union with his country, so he wanted to pay his particular tribute to the essence and culture that prevails in it, through this line.

SS24 by PHIPPS has the aforementioned theme as a common thread, treated from a more contemporary point of view, and combined with the “American crust” aesthetic, which is increasingly present in the brand. This combination of elements is reflected in the 30+ men’s looks that make up the launch. Here you can see how Mr. Phipps has introduced new versions of existing styles based on other best-sellers, as well as new workwear with studs and dirty-washed denim.

From workwear and grunge style, it moves on to more summery clothing, designed to be worn at lakes or similar spots. This is characterised by the perfect mix of light and casual fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and unique prints that encapsulate the essence of summer and show the designer’s respect for nature. Such consideration is represented through the iconic star-shaped logo, serving as an unwavering testament to the team’s dedication to ethical practices, to create a better world through fashion; or the exquisite experiments in innovative upcycling, such as handmade patchwork made from carefully selected second-hand camouflage garments, or bags made from vintage 1940s canvas, featured in PHIPPS LAB. As a suggestion, check out the crystal-studded suede jacket or the NASCAR racing shirt.

Lastly, the crowning touch is, as the name suggests, PHIPPS GOLD LABEL, a celebration of the experience of taking an American road trip. For those moments, they suggest wearing from rugged waistcoats and matching leather chaps, to T-shirts with iconic American souvenir shop prints and camouflage garments that evoke the feeling of adventure.

All in all, the PHIPPS Spring/Summer 2024 collection is one of the most complete of the season, as it offers a harmonious blend of modern and vintage aesthetics, attention to detail, and sustainability.

Check out the images of the collection below: