Pharrell Williams is taking a trip down memory lane with Louis Vuitton. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Millionaire sunglasses he co-designed, Williams – now the brand’s menswear boss – is giving the iconic shades a fresh look.

Back in 2004, Williams and Nigo teamed up with Louis Vuitton, then led by designer Marc Jacobs. Their brainchild, the Millionaire, was an instant hit. These aviator sunglasses sported all the Louis Vuitton hallmarks: shiny gold bands with the brand’s logo and cool, old-school hinges with the signature S-lock closure.

Williams is offering two takes on the classic. The Millionaire 1.0 stays true to the original, with a choice between timeless black and gold or a bolder tortoiseshell print with chocolate and turquoise accents.

The Millionaire 3.0 takes things up a notch with a super-light, super-strong carbon fiber frame – the kind of stuff you’d find in a fancy sports car. This futuristic version comes in two styles: black with bold orange lenses or a sleek all-black option.

You can grab the Millionaire 1.0 right now at Louis Vuitton stores and online. The Millionaire 3.0 drops a bit later on August 8th.

Check it out below: