Founded in 2018, TRIPLE RRR is Robert Cavalli’s sophisticated baby of. The brand combines the rich, decorative signature identity of the Florentine culture with a fresh, dynamic urban attitude, which is highly inspired by the London underground scene. SS20 is a dandy-rock collection in which luxury fabrics, decors and details are tempered by deconstructed silhouettes and lightweight constructions for an effortless chic look. The frills are strong, perfect for a “star”.

We met Robert during the presentation in Pitti Uomo 96 at Florence and that’s what he told us.


Your family has an important tradition in Italian and international system but tell us how your passion for fashion was born. 

My parents taught me how to appreciate and love the rich colors and purity of the patterns found in natural. They taught me how to love and appreciate life and the people around me; and above all, they taught me how to be a romantic and sensible person. It is through them that I learned how to design a lifestyle for myself that inspires me and fosters my personal creativity and design for the world around me.

In my youth, I was captivated by colors and fabrics, rock stars, celebrities and life around the house, and our life. These still are the beauties of life which provide an endless sources of inspiration.

Growing up partially in the “system ,” the most important lessons have come from my father and mother. Being a young guy growing up, I have been rebelling against that system at times too; and still am! I feel the need to create my own dreamworld, and I do not look at what other designers are doing. I fully believe in what I create, and I’m truly telling my own stories through Triple RRR. It is through every detail in the collection that I want you to feel the emotions which I try to bring into the Triple RRR garments.




I don’t see Triple RRR as a brand, or simply a tag. Triple RRR is meant to be a loving and diverse modern family. It is a gathering of  beings from all over the globe, across sexes and styles.

Triple RRR are the children of the renaissance. We dare to be inclusive, colorful and show our sexuality and sensuality in a romantic and sophisticated way. Together, we are creating our dream world of positivity and love for each other. Through Triple RRR, we are not looking toward other trends or design, but rather creating a new type of fashion that is not directed by gender. My vision is to create for men, but I want women to be able to wear and enjoy my designs as both genders have a need to express sensuality and connect with color.

We are all humans and a colorful group, but in the very essence, we all have the same natural instincts. We all fear. We all search for love. We all connect through similar beauties found in life. I want Triple RRR to be and inclusive global family; rather than exclusive, as this is a notion of the past that will never come back.

Ultimately, Triple RRR stands for the lucky R’s in my life. Each R represents my roots, my present, and my future. The first R stands for my father Roberto. The second for myself, Robert. From the combination of these two R’s comes a third, which is all about the future: this family of what I like to call: the “Children of the Renaissance.”



Tell us something about the SS20 Collection.

Rebel, Revolt, Refuse !

This SS20 ‘’Imperial Punkism’’ collection is  inspired by the British punk movements and their British sartorial influences fused with Florentine romance and sensuality. This underlying narrative created is what makes this collection a unique and modern fusion. The free spiritless attitude of the punks daring to fight for their causes with their medals and military uniforms are contrasted by the lush, natural and edgy Italian chic and fabrics. When you are trying to kick in some doors of the establishment, we do it through acts of love.



The key piece? 

The denim printed jacket and jeans have received a lot of love at the presentation. It shows that we had lots of fun elevating the denim looks by stamping these intricate and colorful patterns on them to the extent they become much more than just punk rock denim.



Robert, what is really FUCKING YOUNG! to you today? 

Triple RRR has been such a wonderful adventure over my first year and a half of existing as a brand, and has truly created connections between everyone who wears and supports the brand. It is a heart warming adventure that has shaped friendships and brought joy.

All of these incredible men and women wearing Triple RRR, without any regard to whether it’s men’s or women’s is what the future is. I’m here to create inclusivity through romance and without any boundaries.

Through creating from our generation as millennials, we don’t see boundaries or borders. We are global and digital creatures now. The fusion of color and matter will only become more and more. However, one thing will always remain non-digital, and that thing is romance.


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Images by Luca Condorelli for Fucking Young!