Percival, the British menswear brand known for its clever twists on menswear staples, and Champion, the American sportswear powerhouse, have reunited to launch a fresh new collection. The capsule pays tribute to Percival’s Soho roots by drawing inspiration from old scout uniforms and badges, woven into the embroidery on the garments.

The collection is the perfect blend of both brands at their best, epitomized by the tagline: “The Best, but Better.” Champion, who is credited with inventing the hoodie, have a long history of delivering stylish and practical sportswear. Meanwhile, Percival brings their unique flair through expert embroideries around the Champion logo.

Among the standout pieces in the collection is the navy sweatshirt, featuring an assortment of embroidered badges, nodding to the scouting inspiration. Chris Gove, Percival’s co-founder, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to have once again partnered with Champion to create a collection. Our London-made embroideries give this collection the edge that sets it apart from its non-embroidered counterparts, subverting the classics, or in this case, making the best even better.”

Take a look at the collection below: