PARLEZ and POMPEII have united in a collaboration that celebrates the captivating essence of menswear and the nostalgic aura of the 80s. This partnership harmonizes two distinct cultures, showcasing a fusion of styles that transports us to a time when aesthetics had an unrivaled cultural impact.

This collaboration introduces a carefully curated collection that captures the essence of both brands. The lineup includes two footwear options: one inspired by the iconic basketball sneakers of the 80s and a classic canvas deck shoe.

In addition to the footwear, the collection offers three graphic t-shirt choices and a lightweight cotton Cuban shirt, perfect for embracing the carefree comfort of the summer months. For those who prioritize sustainability, recycled swim trunks are included, blending style with eco-consciousness.

To complete the ensemble, a meticulously crafted 5-panel cap featuring a nautical stripe, an adjustable strap, and embroidered eyelets for breathability is included.

Check out the campaign images below: