OUEST Paris was created by Arthur Robert in 2022 and is now in its third season. A

Inspired by the imagery of going to the beach in the winter, Arthur Robert’s latest collection heavily emphasizes the brand’s surfing side. “The idea was to have all of these pieces that are inspired by lone surfers,” he explains. “The memories of visiting family in Biarritz during the winter holidays as a kid”.

The new collection also pulls reference from Stephen Milner’s A Spiritual Good Time and its aim to uncover a dialogue between surfing communities and gay culture. With Arthur Robert’s usage of life vests and skintight foam neoprene, this release is imbued with all of the covert sensuality of a surfer in a wetsuit. Mohair knits and suede slipper boots, a nod to those sported by surfers coming out of the water, maintain a warm and cozy undercurrent.

Heavily inspired by Karlheinz Weinberger’s photos of the Swiss Halbstarken subculture, metallic jean rivets are manically nailed onto different pieces and leather accessories are more than frequent. However, what the collection truly capitalizes on is Weinberger’s intimate gaze on this subculture, and a certain eroticism, manifested here in the fetishization of denim and its riveting, frantic decorations.

Take a look at the collection below: