Directed by Julia de Castro and María Royo, the film that has just started being shot deals with such important issues as destiny and motherhood.


Whether or not you are a follower of Spanish cinema, it is impossible to deny the irreproachable entrepreneurial spirit of the talents that inhabit this film industry. One of its greatest qualities is perhaps the indefatigable energy and desire to continue offering the public, who sometimes treats it with unfair disdain, new and enjoyable fiction. This is now the mission of two young filmmakers who have embarked on an adventure under the title of “ON THE GO“, whose shooting has just begun in the south of Spain. They are Julia de Castro and María Royo and together have decided to shoot this story germinated after an artistic residency in la Città etterna. Julia has experience in the theater with an applauded career that includes the works “Elena Fortún” or “This is not Bernarda Alba House”. María, on the other hand, has focused her talents on directing, producing and editing documentaries, serving as Art Director for Fiction Films at the City College of New York and receiving critical acclaim for her short film, “Rediscovering Page”. Now, these two women are willing to offer us through “ON THE GO”, a tribute, as Julia herself says “a feminist and more contemporary tribute”, about an unknown treasure of Spanish cinema: “Corridas de alegría”, a film by Gonzalo García Pelayo released in 1982. Shot in Super format 16mm and looking for financing, “ON THE GO” is currently immersed in the shooting where the young actor (and our latest cover-boy) Omar Ayuso will serve as the main protagonist. Classic cars, the heat of Seville, unexpected encounters and the eternal dilemma caused by maternal instinct will be the key themes of this film that promises to shock and excite all the brave who decide to immerse themselves in the personal Opera Prima of these two filmmakers. The time of Julia de Castro and María Royo has just begun.


Images by Felipe Huertas for Fucking Young!