Off-WhiteTM has its sights firmly set on the horizon as they drop a limited-edition capsule collection that pays homage to local and global culture, spanning the past, present, and future.

This exclusive Off-WhiteTM KIT is up for grabs for just 72 hours, from November 7th at 6pm CET to the 10th at 6pm CET. It’s a lineup of tees, hoodies, and New Era caps, all dedicated to the cultural epicenters that have played pivotal roles in the brand’s community journey from day one. These epicenters are none other than Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas – cities that house Off-WhiteTM flagship stores.

Each city gets its own unique kit. These kits combine the iconic elements of their respective locales with the signature Off-WhiteTM style, celebrating the creative minds that have joined forces with Abloh and the brand over the last decade. These collaborations have left an indelible mark on the Off-WhiteTM community. Additionally, there’s a “simplified” kit that transcends city boundaries, serving as a statement of universal self-expression.

Check out the collection below: