Off-White™ is back in the sneaker game with the “BE RIGHT BACK” (BRB), a shoe that’s all about embracing life’s in-between moments. Think less chasing waterfalls and more conquering your commute. It’s about taking a break for yourself, so you can come back as your best self.

Think of it as the opposite of their “OUT OF OFFICE” sneaker from 2020. BRB is about listening to yourself, whether that’s hitting the gym or the dance floor. Forget strict wellness stuff, BRB says do what makes you feel good.

The shoe itself is inspired by old-school running shoes, but with a modern look. It’s comfy and stylish, with a mix of mesh and leather and all the classic Off-White™ touches like funky text and that cool zip tie. There are 11 colorways to pick from, and special limited-edition ones for New York, Miami, Milan, and Paris.

Check it out below: