In their second year of collaboration, Off-White and AC Milan are marking their partnership’s anniversary with the launch of the new Uniforms collection. Designed the AC Milan teams, the collection includes formal and casual uniforms, tailored to suit the needs of each team. What sets these uniforms apart is their deliberate departure from traditional football and sport motifs. Off-White’s distinct design language, along with cultural and subcultural influences, infuse a fresh perspective into these pieces.

One notable feature of this partnership is the presence of a red tag on the left cuff of all jackets. These tags bear the “I Support” phrase introduced by Abloh in 2020, accompanied by a pledge chosen by the wearer. These pledges encompass a wide range of critical causes, such as Diversity, Equal Rights, Freedom of Speech, Education for All, All forms of Love, and Social Justice. By wearing these customized “I Support” messages, AC Milan players actively represent and stand behind the progressive causes they believe in whenever they wear these uniforms. Furthermore, these tags signal Off-WhiteTM’s ongoing commitment to the broader “I Support campaign,” which involves collaborating on charity projects with Fondazione Milan, AC Milan’s NGO.

This vision harmonizes seamlessly with AC Milan’s core values, as expressed in the Club’s RespAct manifesto, emphasizing social equity, equality, and inclusivity. The Rossoneri’s dedication to promoting positive sports values and combatting all forms of prejudice and discrimination aligns perfectly with the essence of this collection.

Check out the campaign images below: